Friday, September 12, 2008

still trying...

to do this blog thing! today's challenge: i'll see if i can post pictures. my sweet daughter liza gave me a little lesson on posting my projects on ravelry. but it's been a few weeks and she isn't here to help me. soooo...i'm gonna try it on my own! (aren't you proud of me liza?) yea!

this quilt above, "new beginnings" was my first quilt of 2008.

and this one is"big cookie". i was inspired as i stood in line at einstein's and fought my desire to get one of these! i just quilted it instead. :0)
i'm off to spend 24 hours with the 20 wonderful women who comprise the leadership of the wednesday morning bible study at my church! lots of laughing and sharing our hearts, eating fun snacks and praising Jesus! and maybe a little knitting!
please join me as i'm praying for all my friends and family in houston as hurricane ike approaches. much love-

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Jodes said...

the big cookie quilt is adorable...and makes me smile cuz it's happy, yummy, adorable,,,just like you.