Saturday, September 27, 2008

creative fun and challenge

i have had two things going on in my crazy creative life: a knitting deadline and a fun new class!

the knitting deadline is the lily of the valley shawl by nancy bush from the lace style book. i am teaching this class at string boutique and have been knitting like a maniac to get it finished...which i did last night! yea! it has been fun and a little challenging (what is the deal with borders??) i love the way it has turned out in scrumptious koigu! the pic above is of me and button knitting and watching football. now that is FUN!

the fun new class is a 6 month class i am taking a the great american quilt factory, which is called the creative process. we are exploring all aspects of art quilting, from idea to completion. it is a lovely group of ladies, including my dear friend carolyn, and i am excited to see the new ideas that will be sparked in this creative community.

speaking of community, my Bible study began 2 weeks ago. we are studying acts and the emphasis is on community. the concept of individualized faith is not very prevalent in acts; it is always part of God's bigger plan and the community of believers. i am thrilled to watch Him teach all these wonderful ladies and humbled that He chooses to do it through me. (i'll write more about that later! this is a blog tease. tune in again for the full story!)

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Jodes said...

i'm determined to read your entire blog, if it takes me all night to catch up! i always feel robbed because i would love to live closer to you because i feel like i have missed so much of your life. i'm hoping these blog entries of yours will catch me up & somehow transport me closer to where you are.

my bernina sits dusty, untouched and quite forgotten during this tumultuous time in my life. knitting hasn't made it's way in yet, nor has housecleaning. thank goodness i'm not the only one who doesn't like to place too much of an importance on that subject! XOXOXOXO