Monday, September 29, 2008

michael, you have been warned

my son michael, pictured here with the family looking goofy after his high school graduation in may, was giving me grief this weekend about having a blog. so i thought i'd write about him!
that'll teach him not to make fun of me!
here's a few things i love about mike:
courage: whether it is working as a high school student on a congressional campaign or deciding at the last minute to veer off from his friends and go to college thousands of miles away, michael bravely steps out. he is aware of the risks and goes anyway. as a leader at church he taught elementary kids that Jesus is fun and exciting by bringing truth to life through crazy costumes and role play. i guess all those hours watching rescue 911 and playing luke skywalker have paid off: he is a courageous man.
conviction: michael is rarely without opinion. he learns about and then unashamedly professes the things he believes in--politics, faith, football, poodles, nascar, halo 3 and now sigma chi. when michael believes in something, he works diligently and speaks with great intensity. (he has never been very convinced that his room should be clean.) i love his passion; he reminds me of paul the apostle.
sensitivity: i love this about mike. he is strong enough to care for the feelings of others, to admit when he is wrong and to desire to set things right. he will certainly argue with his sisters and bop his little brother on the head but he loves them dearly and is a really great big brother. he is always aware of a person in need, holding the door at the grocery store or rescuing lost dogs. he genuinely like to help people.
i miss michael so much but love that he is happy and thriving at college. i am very proud to be his mom.
and if he harasses me any more i do have a picture of him snuggling with button.


jenrsmills said...

I am so IMPRESSED that you've been blogging! Good on you, gf! I don't know how I missed them--I thought they would have shown up on Ravelry under friends' updates, but perhaps it's something you need to trigger (ask Liza Lou). Glad to see you posting pics as well. Very fun. Love the family picture and LOVE the cookie quilt! I don't think I could have resisted the cookie though.

Jodes said...

michael...ken & sam would probably give me grief if i started a blog, and therefore have not yet begun. strange though, because ken is always trying to come up with titles for the supposed "books" i will someday write. on what? who knows.

michael sounds like the best mix of you and david wrapped perfectly into one child.

i know what it takes to raise children to be courageous, passionate, kind, strong, loving and sensitive. it takes an entire family, with parents committed to this job every single hour of every single day, for forever. and not a day less.