Thursday, September 18, 2008

my knittng dream

okay i will start with the disclaimer that this is weird. i dreamt last night about the red baby alpaca shawl that i am knitting from the book victorian lace today. here's what i remember: i was sitting in my car in new york city (something i've never done, drive in nyc) and a lady came out of a shop wearing a shawl that i noticed right away looked like my shawl. as she walked in front of my car i realized it was the same frog tree alpaca and as she passed by my window i saw it was the exact same pattern! my one though was, "wow, she figured out that knitted on border. i wonder how she did it since the directions are so wonky." here's a pic on of my shawl. if i only i could go back to sleep and get my dream lady to help me with my border.

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Jodes said...

the shawl is stunning! i'm trying to figure out how many hours you people in colorado have in one day. you'd have to have more...or i am hopelessly underachieving