Tuesday, May 20, 2008

not until now

ok, so the answer to my initial query is "no...at least not until now". i looked at my blog a few times in the last few months and couldn't remember my password/figure out how to post. frightening isn't it? but i am improving. i have now reset my password and even updated my profile! wow! and here i am with a blog entry!

about the journal quilts... i kept up with it for a few weeks but life got too busy so i had to set that project aside. they are still something i am drawn to creating. hopefully, i'll get back to them.

so what have i been doing? i've done lots of speaking; several retreats, filled in for my pastor on sunday morning and finished teaching bible study. i exhibited my quilts at my annual quilt show: quintessentially quilted. and i attended the transforming culture symposium in austin with the arts council from my church. and of course i've done lots of quilting and knitting!