Sunday, December 14, 2008

update from the ICU

my almost 18 year old daughter had her tonsils removed on monday. i have a picture of them but it is really nasty- they were 5 times the normal size. annie is such an overachiever!

since then i have been nursing my sweet annie which has been my calling all week and it looks like into next week. my life has emptied of Christmas duties and been consumed by slurpee runs, medicating every 4 hours, holding back her beautiful blonde hair as she barfs what very little she has swallowed, crying and praying over her (what is more painful in life than watching your child suffer? NOTHING. thank you Father for doing that for us.) and then repeating all these things.

it has made me grateful which has been a good thing as i have also been processing some discouraging and disappointing discoveries. cryptic i know, but that is all i can reveal.

i am also hopeful. things do change. annie is slowly recovering even though it is hard to measure and looks like she is not. and people grow, even though it is hard to discern forward movement in the visible steps in the wrong direction.

since i don't like to post without a picture, i've include this random picture of button in her santa costume.