Thursday, July 1, 2010

what have i been doing?

besides the usual ministry activities-speaking at retreats and writing, and the usual home activities-being overwhelmed by laundry and avoiding cleaning, what have i been up to??

• thrilled to display my quilts in the art gallery at greenwood community church

• speaking with david at a marriage retreat

• welcoming annie home from africa

• making interesting art with my His to create group (more about this later)

• baseball! cheering for the rockies!!

• sending michael off to study in germany!

and basically enjoying the summer...lots of dinners on the patio, short trips to the mountains, city park jazz with friends, and keeping really random office hours. happy summer!

1 comment:

Jodes said...

your quilts are so gorgeous! i love that you and david did a speaking engagement for a marriage retreat; i can't think of anything you two could bless people with your knowledge of more besides parenting!!! is annie done with her work in africa? what is next for her??? i don't think i get 20 questions on a blog post so i think you must write me an update!! love you= jo