Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter!

as a little girl one of my favorite parts of easter was the easter outfit. this picture was taken on easter sunday 1965. i had on my new easter dress with the stiff crinoline lining, flower hat, white gloves and white patent shoes. i remember waiting for daddy to come out for this picture and twirling. and twirling. and being delighted at having a special daddy and a twirly dress.

easter is my absolute favorite holiday. i still love the easter dress. but i adore a Risen Jesus!

what a Special Daddy we have! what a shocking, crazy way to love us.

happy, happy easter!

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Jodes said...

lessiwhat an adorable pic of you and your daddy. he has that super handsome rat pack look about him back from that era.

i miss all those special, silly traditions about easter our mom's used to take such great care with...the beautiful dresses they sewed, the hats, the gloves, pretty slips and the white pat & leather shoes. and yes,i twirled