Sunday, May 24, 2009

believe it!


here in denver we are more than excited about the nuggets.  it is basketball mania at the morrison house! (side note: when we first moved to denver in 1998 cute 5 year old liza thought the basketball mascot was a chicken nugget.) after denver’s come-from-behind victory in game 2 of their series with the lakers, my husband david was inspired to pose a thought provoking question in our small group on friday night.  “ how have you seen God orchestrate come-from-behind victories in your life?” we had lots of great conversation about both basketball and faith and seeing God at work in our lives, snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat.  

later that evening i was watching the video of lebron james’ amazing 3 point shot to win the eastern conference finals game over the orlando magic and it made me think about david's question.  as the game was winding down the fans were filing out, never believing in the come-from-behind last minute shot. and i wondered if i look like that to God.  do i believe that He can pull victories out of the hope-is-lost places in my life?  am i marching to the exit mumbling and grumbling as He is releasing a beautifully arching, hang-in-the-air-forever game winning shot? i don’t want to believe so little of Him.  i want to stay in my seat and fix my eyes on Him and watch Him do the impossible....

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Jodes said...

i love david's thought provoking question because it has me deep in thought. i suppose i will send him some sort of thump on the head to facebook for giving me something else up inside my brain to further clog it. there are times i want to shove a flash drive in me and suck out some of the junk, like you would a computer to make room for cooler ponderings, like david's question.

i have to always go back to visualizing God as a father own special Abba Patare. Abba sits knowing we will pull victories out of nothing and probably has to bite his fingers, watching & waiting in anticipation. like when we sit watching our children do something. don't we sit like that, breathless, hoping, willing it all to work for them? don't we feel the pain when we watch and something goes wrong? then there is the pure joy when we watch and it all goes perfect. we get to know how He feels, don't we?

i don't look at you kay, as having any hope-is-lost places in your life. your life looks magical. not in the stepford, barbie doll, annoying kind of way. the way that shows pure faith in God and pure bliss through every season; ups, downs, trials, tribulations and joys.

watching you is an inspiration. i can't see you mumbling and grumbling. i see your beautiful smile and can hear your infectious laugh and i know He loves it too!