Sunday, April 5, 2009

a great movie

on friday night david and i went out for sushi (yum) and to see an independent movie at the denver film festival called "ink". i knew from the reviews that it was innovative and kinda scifi-y. i knew that it was shot completely in colorado. i knew it was visually "unlike anything you have seen before". i knew it had something to do with dreams and good vs. evil. i knew it would be artsy and different. and i knew it would be fun to see on a date with my boyfriend.
but what i didn't know was how profound and redemptive the story would be. i didn't know that i would wish for tivo in the climatic scene, so that i could rewind and listen to the "storyteller's" speech again. i didn't know how tremendous the acting would be. and i didn't know that 2 days later i would still be thinking about it.

if you have a chance to see it, it's worth the ticket price and even the outrageous price for a bucket of diet coke!

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Jodes said...

i'm trying to get inspired to start a blog, so i decided i would read yours entirely. i'm so happy i am not the only person who types without capitals! and you, YOU are the one who sucked me into tiVo. thank you. XOXOXOX