Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a 2008 experiment

can someone who can only use her computer to email and shop have a blog? this is a test of the completely computer challenged. it s only a test. i might quit at any moment but right now, i m inspired to create this blog...mostly to chronicle my other challenge of 2008: to create a weekly journal quilt. my only requirement is that each quilt must represent something for which i am grateful.


David said...

I am very impressed!

Bishal said...

Thats Great thought.

Jodes said...

that's a good question. i want to know the answer. i can barely email a picture. but, i want to write. help me find an avenue. did you know how to take your first step in your writing?

stephanie started a blog when she went on her study abroad in spain (jan 09). it has been a fun way of keeping in touch with all she has done and hear some of her joys, sorrows, homesickness, travels, ups, downs, and all from so far away. my dad's last xmas gift to her was a round trip ticket to spain, so i know he is watching over her, buttons popping angel wings slightly askew.