Monday, November 1, 2010


for a God who sees the orphan and for those love them. remembering last year in africa explaining halloween and trick or treating to precious orphans.

me: kids dress in costumes and go to the doors of their neighbors and say "trick or treat" and they get candy.

them: for nothing?

me: right. just for being cute kids in costumes.

them: one piece?

me: sometimes more. and then they go to the next house and do it again.

them: how much candy do they get?

me: ummm, alot.

them: wow.

wishing i was there to give them not just candy but love.


Sherie said...

Just wanted to leave you a note, so you know I am reading! :-) Love hearing your heart...

Jodes said...

i love when you post the simple conversations you had with the orphans. magical. xoxo jodes