Wednesday, March 24, 2010

some thoughts...

outside my window... it is dark and snowy. actually not so dark cause the snow makes things brighter.

i am thinking... about getting in bed and reading.

i am thankful for...a snow day today!

i am wearing... jammies. that’s a given. i am always wearing jammies if i am at home.

i am remembering...things i forgot to do.

i am get my hair cut tomorrow. that raises the proverbial question: bangs or no bangs?

from the didn’t make dinner so no dishes to deal with.

i am hoping...that we don’t get more snow on saturday that would mess up michael’s flight home.

i am wondering...what to wear tomorrow.

i am much my dog sleeps. seriously. she is a slug.

pondering these words...”Father forgive them…”

around the house...there is a lot of clutter. which i think is a sign of life. my house looks lived in and loved.

one of my favorite a snowstorm! it came so quickly with dramatic impact and beauty and completely rearranged my day. thanks for the fun change God!

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