Tuesday, February 23, 2010

obsessed with color

i know it's weird. i get a little fixated. on lots of stuff....

the ice from sonic...my converse tennies...silver bracelets...jason gray's song "the prodigal and the golden boy"...carl edwards...my crate & barrel yellow chair...my dog button...iphone apps...cake balls...lost...you get the idea.

oh and colors. i get obsessed with certain colors. i've had pink going on since i was 3 and i got to choose pink carpet for my bedroom(my parents were awesome!) now i have become fixated on these colors:

in case you've missed the almost non-stop coverage, these are the colors of the 2010 winter olympics. i can hardly focus on the events because my eye is just drawn to the athletes little bib things or to the ice rink wall. strange i know.

i must create something blue green. it's calling to me. and when something is calling to me like that, i pay attention. sometimes it is just because it is interesting to me and that's it. (like cake balls.) but sometimes, it is because the Lord has something to say to me in it and i want to hear from Him. that takes intentional listening. i don't want to miss what He is saying.


Maria said...

I think you should go buy some batiks in those colors. I'm so sad that the Olympics are over. I enjoyed every minute!

Jodes said...

i agree with maria. batiks would be gorgeous in a water themed quilt...oerrrrr.

kay morrison said...

i like that idea! especially the go "buy" part!! xoxo k