Friday, January 23, 2009

thoughts on the inaguaration

1. it is a really hard word to spell.

2. i would LOVE to have gotten my hands on some of that sweet event memorabilia being sold.

3. i was proud of our country and wish everyone could handle their differences as gracefully as the obamas and the bushes.

4. speaking as a knitter, it was great day for scarves.

5. to commemorate the day, i bought some red, white and blue yarn on etsy called: bombsicle.

1 comment:

Jodes said...

i'm not sure, but i think i must be the most uninformed and politically unaware person i know. thank goodness i knew about the election this time, because one big election escaped me when my kids were little and my life was out of control.

what i always hope for is a leader for our country who can live up to being a positive role model. people keep getting their hearts broken, and hopes dashed by supposed leaders in every arena of our life.

thank you God for your son Jesus, and for being my Abba Patare.